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Template / Profile Dressing Slide

Template/ Profile Dressing Slide is an essential unit for grinding two or more diameters concurrently or as per the shape, profile of the job to be ground. This slide can be fixed with leaner guide ways and is offered as an optional accessory in HCG-100 and CG-100.Further with other models, this is offered as a standard accessory.

Centerless Grinder Accessories Balancing Stand

Balancing Stand

The vibratory bowl feeders are specially designed for feeding in a wide range of small components such as plugs, dowel pins, ring and various other components. Depending on size, shape and weight of components, the size of vibratory ball feeder changes.

Centerless Grinder Accessories cg3

Wheel Flange

Wheel Flange are manufactured using graded material and are extensively used for holding a variety of grades and sizes of grinding wheels. We make these products available to the clients in diverse sizes as per the width of the wheels. In addition to this, our offered assortment ensures eccentricity and accuracy.

Centerless Grinder Accessories Vibratory Bowl Feeder

Vibratory Bowl Feeder

Vibratory Bowl Feeder are manufactured for feeding an extensive assortment of small components such as dowel pins, rings, plugs and various other components. We make this feeder available to the clients in different shape, weight and size as per the components and the size of vibratory ball feeder changes.

Centerless Grinder Accessories Magnetic Coolant

Magnet Coolant

Magnet fine ferrous materials from a coolant flow that can’t be removed by conventional filters. Hence, it makes sure a precise grinding process. This is comprised of a disposable bin, which holds the entire water ferrous material. The range is easy to operate and can be installed easily. The coolant separator decreases the contamination of coolant solution that enhances its life. The coolant liquid thus can be used for a longer time than normal. Further, it helps in reducing the functional cost of the grinding machine.

Paper Band Machine

For very high precision grinding, operation addition paper band filter is recommended along with coolant magnet. Use of paper band filter takes care of fine non ferrous particles which are also present in minute quantities in the coolant liquid. The coolant magnet is housed above the paper band filter and liquid free from ferrous impurities fall on filter paper. The process is fully automatic and consumption of filter paper is negligible vis-a-vis the machine performance.

Centerless Grinder Accessories Paper BAnd MAchine

Loader / Lifter

Loader/ Lifter is an essential unit for grinding a component that can’t be loaded from the front. This helps in loading the job into wheel from the upper side and takes back the job after the process of grinding.

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1. Controller
2. Servo Control Voltage stablizer
3. Grinding Wheel With Flange
4. Regulating Wheel With Flange
5. Coolant Pump With Tank
6. Hydraulic Tank With Pump
7. Work Rest Blade For Through Feed Grinding
8. Hand Pump Lubrication For Slides
9. Motorized Centralized Lubrication For Slides
10. Machine Lamp
11. Splash Guards
12. Fully Enclosed Splash Guards
13. A.C. Drive For Grinding Wheel Head
14. A.C. Drive For Regulating Wheel Head
250/200 150/100
15. Instruction Manual
16. Tool Kit
17. Micro Feed Fine Adjustment For Depth Of Cut
18. Template Truing Slides For Profile Dressing
250 200/150/100
19. Hydrodynamic Bush Bearings For GW Head 250 200/150/100 250 200/150/100 250 200/150/100
20. Bush Bearing For RW Head 250 200/150/100 250 200/150/100 250 200/150/100
21. Wheel Balancing Stand With Arbor
22. Addition Grinding Wheel Flange
23. Additional Regulation Wheel Flange
24. Additinal Work Rest Blade Through Feed
25. Additional Work Rest Blade Infeed
26. Magnetic Coolant Seperator
27. Paper Cum Magnetic Coolant Seperator
29. Hydraulic Oil Cooler
30. Profile Templates
31. Servo Drive Motor For Regulating Wheel
32. Vibratory Bowl Feeder
33. Bar Feeder For Long Bar Grinding
34. Auto Infeed Grinding With Hydraulic Cyclinder
35. Auto eject For Infeed Grinding Hydraulic
36. Auto eject For Infeed Grinding Pneumatic
37. Auto Liifter For Infeed Grinding
38. Auto Loading Attachment For Infeed
39. Automatic Feeder For Through Feed Grinding
40. Automatic Balancing For Grinding Wheel
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