CG Centerless Grinding Machine

Models: CG-100

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Most economical with manual dressing

CG Centerless Grinding Machine CG 100

CG Centerless Grinding Machine-100

Specification of CG Centerless Grinding Machines-100

GrindingCapacity Diameter(mm) Min. 1mm
GrindingWheel Diameter(mm) 350
Width (mm) 100
Bore(mm) 152
Speed RPM Min. 1800
Max. 2000
RegulatingWheel Diameter(mm) 225
Width (mm) 100
Bore(mm) 76
Speed RPM Min. 20 R.P.M.
Med. 40 R.P.M.
Max. 100 R.P.M
TiltingAngle +5°  -2°
PowerRequirements GrindingWheelMotor 5.5/7.5 KW/HP
415Volts,50Hz,Ac RegulatingWheelMotor 0.75/1.0 KW/HP
CoolantPumpMotor 0.12/0.16 KW/HP
Dimensions&Weight Length(mm) 1650
Width (mm) 1050
Height(mm) 1510
Centre Height of Wheels 1000
NetWeightApprox(Kgs) 1600

Standard Accessories

  • Regulating wheel and flange x 1
  • Grinding wheel and flange x 1
  • Infeed work rest and carbide blade x 1
  • Thru feed work rest and carbide blade x 1
  • Electric system x 1
  • Hydraulic tank with pump x 1
  • Coolant tank with pump x 1
  • Diamond tools (2 pcs/set) x 1
  • Work lamp x 1
  • Tools (Leveling pad) and tool box x 1

Optional Accessories

  • Spare grinding wheel flange
  • Spare regulating wheel flange
  • Wheel balancing stand and arbor
  • Profile grinding attachment
  • Auto. infeed attachment
  • Manual feeder for infeed grinding (up and down)
  • Hydraulic work ejector (infeed grinding)
  • Auto. loading and unloading attachment (infeed grinding)
  • Auto. loading attachment (thru feed grinding) (Ø5~20 mm, L100~600 mm)
  • Auto. unloading attachment (thru feed grinding)
  • Auto. feeder for thru feed grinding (hopper type) (Ø2~8 mm, L50~180 mm)
  • Vibratory feeder (thru feed grinding)
  • V type supporter for long bar grinding (Ø2~14 mm)
  • Magnetic coolant separator
  • Paper filter
  • Hydro cyclone coolant separator

CNC Centerless Grinding Machines Video

Salient Features

  • Most economical and simple in operation.
  • Suitable for small components through feed and infeed.
  • Grinding wheel and regulating wheel head fitted with precision bearings.
  • Manual dressing slides, hardened and ground covered with wipers
  • Main screw hardened ground and protected from dust with below.
  • Hand wheel graduation for depth of cut 0.02mm
  • Grinding wheel duly balanced.
CG Centerless Grinding Machine CG 100

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